Easy application of the wraps

1. First we cut out the motif.

2. If necessary, we apply white top on the nail.

3. We let the paint dry in a UV or LED lamp.

4. Then apply a layer of nail polish top (neonail, shellack, CND with adhesive layer) to the nail.

5. We let it dry in the lamp. The adhesive layer remains.

6. We warm up a cellette pad and put the wrap on it. After 20-30 seconds, the film comes off with the image of the backing paper.

7. Now we slide the wrap slowly from backing paper and place it on the nail.

8. For one minute, let the wrap dry in the lamp.

9. With a fine arrow we remove the protruding parts of the wraps from top to bottom.

10. The wrap is sealed with the top.

11. Once again we let it dry.

12. Finally, we wear top again.

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